The Official Story of the Ashbory Bass

by  Nigel Thornbory
TINY INSTRUMENT .............
Ashbory Bass

    BASS !

The Story of the Ashbory Bass as told by its originators:

The revolutionary Ashbory Bass is completely unique. It utilises short scale silicone rubber strings in conjunction with piezo-electric transducer technology. The signal is enhanced by on-board active circuitry and fed to any bass amplifier.

The Ashbory Bass is now being manufactured and distributed by Fender. This is the full story of how it all happened.

Alun Ashworth-Jones
 INVENTOR: Alun Ashworth-Jones (left) 


DESIGNER: Nigel Thornbory (right)
Nigel Thornbory

To follow the Ashbory's chequered history select from below.
Chapter 1   In the Beginning
Chapter 2   Development
Chapter 3   Optimism & the Media
Chapter 4   Uncertainty & Impatience
Chapter 5   Negotiations
Chapter 6   Guild
Chapter 7   Back to the UK - the Mark II Ashbory
Chapter 8   The Bass Centre
Chapter 9   The End?
Chapter 10   The Ashbory & Clive Cherry
Chapter 11   Internet influence
Chapter 12   The Ashbory & Fender
Chapter 13   The DeArmond Ashbory
Chapter 14   And now?

Ashbory Owners / Players
The Scrimshaw Ashbory
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